CruiseControl + ClearCase + Maven

Recently I set up CruiseControl with ClearCase. While there are a few postings around the blogosphere that cover some of this, I thought I’d blog it here also. More information, the better is for others to find it.

Refer to my earlier email on CruiseControl Setup for basic CruiseControl instructions. Below are the changes you need to make to get it working with ClearCase (with Maven build). Of course its up to you to actually install the ClearCase client and make sure you are able to checkout code outside of CruiseControl.

Below is the updated project configuration file.

I am not going to explain the file in any detail. Things should be self-explanatory. With Maven I needed to do one more addition to my pom.xml

Hopefully this helps someone out there. To give credit where credit is due. I did find Simon’s Blog entry helpful.