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Technical Debt

For a brief, but an enlightening article on Technical Debt (TD), do read this post from Martin Fowler Technical Debt. My focus here is not about what TD is, but rather some thoughts on WHEN in time do you incur it. Knowing that can help you go in with eyes wide open and maybe reduce the debt burden a bit. To assume you will not gain TD means you are either just out of school with no real-world experience or plain naive (no offense to anyone).

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Engineering Management

It has been a few years now since I moved into the role of Software Engineering Management. While there may be various reasons for one to move to this role, it is a change that comes with very little training and no guidebook. In this blog, I will go over a few areas that I felt are areas to keep an eye on when in this role (a lot of it is relevant to non-manager lead roles too).

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Taming your Microservice & Container Envy

It is hard not to be affected by the constant chatter on Microservices Architecture and Container technology. Both are leading the discussions nowadays and they combine to provide new ways to Architect distributed systems and provide agility in delivering business value. While they do bring in big benefits when implemented successfully, the path to success for most enterprises (other than startups/product/tech firms) is going to be difficult and having a level of measured caution would be good.

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Scrum vs. Traditional Project Management

Recently I signed up for a SCRUM certification class and that got me thinking about my other effort which is to get PMP certified. PMP”ians” can boast that their certification is industry recognized and achieved only after giving a certification exam. SCRUM certified professionals are “certified” after they attend an approved certification class conducted by a Scrum certified trainer. No test required. Continue reading

Agile What !!

One of the things on the hype train is agile development. We have started calling common sense development as agile development. Fair enough. We need to characterize and refer to this type of development model and the word agile fits. I am all in favor of agile development but what most people miss is that the success of an agile project not only depends on the development team embracing agility but also the business users and the client stakeholders doing the same.  Continue reading