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Career roles for senior techies…

Highly experienced & passionate technologists have a challenging task in terms of figuring out their career strategies. For some this process of self discovery and adjustment works itself out quick, but for others its a harder journey. A passionate technologist often feels the need to be exposed to new cutting edge technologies and at the same time expects appropriate career growth and recognition.

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Using Jest as a REST-based Java client with ElasticSearch

If you have used ElasticSearch (ES) you will be familiar with the two ways you can access the index – the RESTful HTTP API’s and the Java API which uses a binary protocol. What is missing is a pure RESTful HTTP Java Client API. Open source Jest library attempts to fill that gap. Updated July 2016 to use ElasticSearch 2.3.4 and Jest 2.0.0.

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Updated Spring Batch blog…

Updated the Spring Batch series of blogs with Spring Framework 3.1.0.RELEASE and Spring Batch 2.1.8.RELEASE. Also switched to using HSQLDB to simplify the requirements to run this example (vs. the previous dependency on MySQL).


Started moving my blog code to GitHub. It feels so much better having all that up there in GitHub land. Will move as much code as possible to GitHub in the days ahead and add links to the Git repository in the the blogs.

Link to my GitHub –

Secure RESTful Services with Maven, Spring, Apache CXF and Spring Security

Nov 1st 2012: Minor updates including instructions on how to deploy this to the open source PaaS Cloudfoundry.

Modified the previous blog entry to work with Apache CXF instead of Jersey. Made modifications to the spring configuration XML to configure CXF as the restful service engine. The Maven pom.xml file was modified to include CXF libraries. Download the code from GitHub –

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Back to basics with maven, hibernate, spring, struts and…

It has been a while since I tried out the various products mentioned in the subject line together. Seems like after every long break from Maven I end up having to sit through hours finding out exactly which dependencies to include and which additional repository to include and of course hating myself at the end for spending time on another crud application. But its all good since as the title shows  its – back to basics. Gradle definitely shows more promise and I like where it is going very much. My only complain is with its lack of plugins for commonly used frameworks. Some of the hideous scripts that I have to include to make common plugins work was enough for me to hold off on this baby. I am sure more plugin support will follow. BTW I got my back to basics example working in multi-module mode. One module was for backend services and the other for webui. services jar gets included into the final web ui war file and all is good. Now next step is to create a multi-module project where the backend services is also a war with RESTful services. My thought here is to create the backend as standalone RESTful services and have any type of UI or other backend code be able to invoke it. End goal is to deploy the two wars to a cloud provider – maybe GAE (Google App Engine). Will try an android client too. Will post progress on this later.