Ganglia on AWS

Experimenting with Ganglia to monitor my nodes. More detailed steps to come.

Installed it on AWS on Amazon AMI. Need to retrace and document exact steps. I lost my way a bit in the middle. Will update post in a few days with more detailed steps but there is enough info on the web for the curious.

Install gmond, gmetad and gweb on the same node (i am cheap). Ensure that Apache is installed (yes on AWS Amazon AMI) and install PHP using yum.

  • gmond – lightweight process that needs to be installed on every node you want to monitor. It collects metrics from local node.
  • gmetad – we need at least one such process running in a cluster. The web interface picks data from this process. gmetad gets its data from gmond and stores it in a local datastore RRD (round robin database)
  • gweb – PHP web interface that gets its metrics from gmetad
  • cluster – a logically defined group of nodes. All gmond instances in a cluster sends metrics to all other nodes in the cluster.

Download gweb and compile it. Then copy over ganglia.conf to httpd conf.d folder and make sure entries are accurately reflecting your local www folder.

Finally go to http://yoururl/ganglia and you get this….

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 12.18.19 AM