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JMX + Spring + Commons Attributes

In my previous log4j blog I had used JMX to expose management interfaces to change log4j levels dynamically. If you look at the JBoss JMX console in that blog you will see that the parameter names are named as p1 and p2. Not very helpful. By default Spring uses reflection to expose the public methods of the MBean. Parameter names get thrown away once classes are compiled to byte code. No use of it further. Therefore there is no metadata available to print friendlier names in the JMX console. Continue reading

EJB3 Interceptors

Thought I’d give EJB3 interceptors a shot today.  Only class level and method level interceptors are allowed. No rich AspectJ (or jboss-aop) style support. No rich pointcut language. Spring 2.0 is much better in this regards. But like I said before, for most applications what EJB3provides is more than enough. Even Spring prior to 2.0 had only limited AOP support (Method level). Continue reading