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Some weeks back I came across jQuery. Once in a while a library comes along that makes you say “wow”. To me jQuery is among those. jQuery is a JavaScript library that allows you to perform complicated (or sometimes not complicated but boring) JavaScript work in just a few lines. Continue reading

AJAX Application Performance Tuning

Lets say you have a web application that uses some YUI widgets and also some other commercial AJAX widgets. Now these frameworks contains many .js and .css files that need to come down to the browser. To add to this mix you have your own javascript files. Caching these files in the browsers’ cache will help performance and give the user a better experience. Also since some of these files are quite large we can consider gzipping them on the server to reduce the payload size. Continue reading

AJAX Grid Widget

For a recent project I was using Yahoo’s YUI datatable component. With YUI often you can copy code from their site and tweak it to your needs. That to me is a sign of great developer documentation. This is especially needed in case of lots of JavaScript code. I have spent hours trying to figure out why code works in Firefox and not in IE. Only to find an extra comma inside my JSON code. IE is not forgiving regarding the extra comma. Continue reading

AJAX Roundup

Recently I have been playing with various AJAX frameworks, both open source and commercial. For simple ‘update a certain portion of the page only’ type of applications you can roll up your sleeve and deal with the XMLHttpRequest (XHR) directly or use open source API’s like Prototype/DOJO to simply make the call. Continue reading